Rub in that Dubbin!

26. October 2016 Leather 0
Rub in that Dubbin!

This guide will explain how to get a great finish on your leather.

Plus I’m including a secret recipe for my Morgan Leather Balm!

Morgan Leather Balm

If you don’t have all the ingredients then you can buy a tin of the golden stuff direct from me

The Recipe

You’ll need:

  • 1 part Linseed Oil
  • 1 part Neatsfoot Oil
  • 1 part Coconut Butter
  • 1 part Beeswax

What to do:
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  1. Bung all of the ingredients into a container that you can then float in a pan of hot water.
  2. Bring the water to the boil and gently simmer until all the ingredients have melted and mixed together.
  3. Remove from the heat and pour into a shallow container (or leave in the original container if you like).
  4. Leave to cool down and solidify.

How to apply the balm:

  1. Using a clean cloth, generously apply the balm to your leather and rub it in. The more rubbing you do the warmer it will get and so the oil and wax will penetrate the leather more effectively.
  2. You should see the leather darken slightly.
  3. Use a separate clean cloth to wipe the excess balm away.
  4. Buff the surface with another clean cloth (or a cleaner part of the same cloth). This should make the leather shine and give depth to the texture and grain.

That’s it! SImple eh?